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Annual Event DGSTS – 2020

The event was directed towards DGS achievements so far and plans to brighten the future days. The points were briefed by all the authorities of the senior management and the steps and needs to process in New Year 2021.
Any sort of suggestions from the attendees were welcome which may help the company in the plans to be implemented in New Year.
Q&A during sessions
Sessions were carried out where attendees on an online platform were allowed to ask any question related to the company profile, work done and many other aspects that included company information.
Create a hashtag for your virtual conference
#dgs2020annualevent was used by attendees while posting any event-related posts in a social media platform
Breakout sessions
Virtual conferencing tool that allows sending attendees into breakout sessions was used. These breakouts facilitate lively discussions during sessions.
Our Live Events are at the core of our business and we deeply value the support of all those involved and have done over the last decade since when we began.
The wellbeing of our delegates, partners, and staff is of the utmost importance. We would all like to thank you for your committed and continued support.