Embedded Design

Embedded Design

The controller system design, responsible for embedding hardware and software design. The embedded design plays an essential role in the computer system. The term embed defines as ‘fix something firmly and deeply’ - in short, a dependable system design. The embedded design, include, but not limited to Application Software, Maintenance Bug Fix, Porting, Package Implementation, Interfaces, Independent Testing, Simulations.

Hardware Design

Software Design And Development

Embedded Design DGS Technical Services
Application Software Dgs Technical Services

Application Software

Maintenance Bug Fix Dgs Technical Services

Maintenance Bug Fix

Porting Dgs Technical Services


Proof Of Concept Dgs Technical Services

Proof Of Concept

package implementation Dgs Technical Services

Package Implementation

Interfaces Dgs Technical Services


Independent Testing Dgs Technical Services

Independent Testing

Simulation Dgs Technical Services


Product Verification And Validation