Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas​

DGS provides a wide range of engineering services to oil and gas companies globally. We empower - oil & gas conglomerates with their upstream, downstream and mid-stream OEMS operating both onshore as well as offshore - to achieve objectives of maximizing revenues and ensuring sustainability through a range of engineering services.
The oil and gas industry face challenges with steadily depleting resources and risky exploration processes. Downstream refineries are under constant pressure to increase output at lower costs and mid-stream companies are grappling with the geographical spread of their assets.
People who work in these demanding and sometimes inhospitable conditions, they need to be equipped with safer processes to reduce operational risks. Added to this is the need to constantly assess the environmental impact of the company’s operations.
Oil and Gas DGS Technical Services
We offer onshore and offshore services to upstream companies, refining and processing to downstream companies and storage and pipeline solutions for midstream companies.
DGS Team is equipped to handle complete Plant (FEED/ Process/ Piping/ RCC – Structural / Mechanical Equipment / Electrical / Instrumentation) Engineering Services. We have over 4000 miles of pipeline CAD drafting for leading Oil & Gas firm.

Some of the engineering services we offer to oil & gas companies include:

Solutions include:

Pre-bid Engineering Services​ DGS Technical Services

Pre-bid Engineering Services​

Pre Bid Engineering Services DGSTS

Detailed Engineering​

Project Management DGS Technical Services

Project Management​

Procurement Engineering​ DGS Technical Services

Procurement Engineering​

Construction Management DGS Technical Services​

Construction Management​

Regulatory :