Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services

Our manufacturing facility is an impressive combination of automated technology and a highly skilled workforce that is adaptable to the needs and deadlines of our clients.
We are uniquely placed in the industry, able to supply fully machined, finished and assembled cast parts across a range of ferrous and non-ferrous alloy metals. Our manufacture arm specializes in:
We stand out from the crowd by offering unique operations and services that include:
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Various services offered by use can be categorized as follows.

We also specialize in the manufacture of precision machined components and parts throughout the UK. We provide a full subcontract machining service, which includes: CNC milling, CNC turning, wire erosion, spark erosion, grinding, conventional machining, exotic materials machining and associated processes. We are happy to help with your initial drawings, ideas and products from prototyping, through to component production and completion.

Precision machined parts

High Quality machined parts manufactured in modern facilities, utilizing new equipment. Precision Machining Services UK are able to offer low cost, high quality machined parts

Turned parts

As machining specialists, we understand how best the CNC Machining process can be applied, processes can be optimized to give customers the savings they require in an ever-increasing competitive market. All our suppliers offer both CNC Turned parts and automatic turned components. All parts can be finished in the treatments required by the customer.

Machined parts

Parts can be machined from most materials, Aluminum, Steel, Brass, Copper and also Plastics, including castings and forgings, and therefore we cover most areas of component manufacture.

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