Engineering Consulting Services

Engineering Consulting Services

At DGS we offer a range of engineering consulting services, from new product design services to solving complex engineering challenges. These engineering services and solutions are tailored to suit the specific needs of companies across industries. Our multi-disciplinary team works relentlessly to engineer solutions for a wide range of business requirements.
We aim to provide highly customer-centric engineering consulting solutions, a seamless on-stop experience alongside delivering quality solutions on time and every time.

The DGS Advantage:

Engineering Consulting Services Dgs Technical Services

Electrical Engineering

Our team exhibits in-depth domain knowledge and the expertise in applying technologies in the field of CAD/CAM/CAE, CAD Customization, Product Data Management & Technical Documentation.
We provide engineering services to many companies across industries, some of them are

Some of the Engineering Services we offer are:

1. Product Design and Analysis Services

Product Design is the process of developing innovative products with design considerations in the form of 3D models or 2D drawings, to aid the engineering of its parts based on the client requirement. Inputs are in the form of photo image, paper document or a CAD file and the deliverables are in the form of 3D models and or 2D drawings.
Our experience in product design across verticals enables customers get their latest products to the market ahead of competition at a lower cost.
Product Design And Analysis Services at Dgs

Some Product Design Services that we provide are:

2. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Service

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computerized method used for predicting how a product reacts in the real-world to forces like vibration, heat, fluid flow etc. This analysis conducted shows whether a product will break, wear out or work the way it was designed to or not. It is used to help predict what is going to happen to the product when it is used on a daily basis.
At DGS we investigate and determine the design intent and evaluate through many calculations resulting in accurate and thorough inferences.
Our expertise and hands on skill helps get FEA results precisely and quickly. We test many design variations and optimize products and systems in the virtual environment. We use a FEA software to optimise the initial design stage and to troubleshoot any problems which arise thereby reducing development cycle times.
Finite Element Analysis FEA Service Dgs Technical Services

We focus on:

3. CAD Data Migration Services

CAD Data Migration Services is a process of translating legacy data, blueprints and images to parametric digital 3D models and 2D drawings, to aid the re-engineering of products or parts according to the client’s requirement.
CAD Data Migration Services have revolutionized the process of engineering drawings. Any format like scanned images, PDFs, paper documents or a CAD file can be converted to 3D models and/or 2D drawings.​
Not long ago the conversion process of existing engineering drawings was truly a task for mechanical product designers and engineers. However, with the introduction of highly advanced and interactive CAD software, today, converting large amount legacy data to easy-to-understand and realistic 3D intuitive models has become easier. Any organization that has a huge database of CAD data will definitely benefit from CAD migration services.
CAD Data Migration not only assists in retrieving the right data quickly, but also simplifies the entire product development process getting rid of any unnecessary costs and vital resources.

Some advantages of CAD migration services for mechanical engineering projects:

It also brings advanced industry leading technologies to the product development team, thereby enabling them to roll out ideal solutions for any obstacles faced during the design and manufacturing process, timely and efficiently.

Apart from all this, CAD migration really helps with cost saving by eliminating the need to retain expensive pieces of hardware and software, just to access your old data. Therefore, using an automated and tailored legacy CAD migration strategy is a win-win. .

So why DGS?

Our team of highly experienced CAD conversion specialists can convert legacy drawings in no time/overnight in all formats like -

Some of the CAD Migration services offered are:

4. CAD Customization Services

CAD Customization services involves automating repetitive tasks in design and drafting or modification of the general utility into a specialized, tailor-made application of industrial & commercial products.
The biggest advantage of CAD customization is the substantial reduction in product development time by 35-40%. The productivity enhancement it offers is truly limitless completely removing the tedious repetitive definable modelling tasks.
Success of CAD customization services lies in identifying the key dimensional variables of the product and driving those variables using simple API programs. Inputs can be in the form of software requirement sheets or a CAD files with variants details and the deliverables are in the form of executable GUI files, database files and documents.
DGS has specialised domain knowledge in CAD customization and we service clients from different engineering verticals like oil & gas, air conditioning & ducting, tooling and conveyor systems. We have expertise in developing submittal drawing, automatic BOM & cost sheet generation, casting & die models and drawing generation using API.
We build 3D CAD models just by changing a few parameters making it easier, faster & completely error free. We have ability to provide client-specific customization solutions with a strong combination of domain knowledge and programming capabilities. We leverage APIs of SolidWorks / Inventor / UG / CATIA / Ansys software while developing tools that run in the respective environments. Our experience in developing solutions for design, process, modelling & drafting automation sets us apart in the market.
Some CAD/CAM/CAE support services provided by us include - piping and instrumental drawing, Conversion, Drafting, 3D Modelling, CAD Migration, Design & Development, Re-engineering, Reverse Engineering, Computational Mesh Generation.

We have worked on many projects, to name a few:

5. Re-Engineering

Product re-engineering has become a necessity for most companies / manufacturers today due to the levels of competition that prevails in the market. They require products with geo-specific variants too.

Product re-engineering helps to upgrade outdated products, and also helps with:


By integrating CAD/CAM tools, DGS enhances the quality of the customer’s products by reducing both design and manufacturing cycle times. Here’s what we do:

6. Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is the detailed examination of the construction and composition of another product to reproduce the same.
Why does one need reverse engineering services?
This kind of service is required when,
Reverse Engineering
DGS offers solution to quickly and efficiently deliver drawings and designs in any format in line with client requirements. Our engineers have the experience and skill to work with a wide variety of CAD packages and can deliver files seamless in multiple formats be it a quick surface model or a fully parametric file.

Here’s what we do:

Some reverse engineering services that we provide:

7. Engineering Change Order

An Engineering Change Order (ECO) is a documentation packet that is used to bring about authorized changes in product components and/or assemblies. It outlines proposed changes, lists product or parts that would be affected and requests review and approval from the people responsible for the change.
Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) are an essential part of the product development process. Sometimes a client wants to alters a part of their offering for which they need equipment re-design/documenting and also ensuring information is up to date. Additionally it helps spot errors or malfunctions that are not evident before.
Engineering Change Order
Engineering Change Order process requires a lot of work from people with appropriate skills. Any many companies don’t have the bandwidth or time to undertake these services. Also it occupies almost one third of total R&D capacity. Hence outsourcing this service is beneficial, time and cost saving.
At DGS we have a system in place to handle ECO/ECRs smoothly and effectively. We understand the critical nature of the project and use the unique skill set to upgrade the client’s products as per their requirements

8. Translations

Translations is a process of creating customized documentation that describes how to use, maintain and service a product.
Our team has diverse experience in technical documentation and services clients for all their technical communication requirements. Our staff of instructional designers and technical writers apply contemporary learning methodologies and modern development tools and techniques to produce standardised task oriented technical documentation that is user-centred, objective-focused and attractive. They inputs files in the form of scanned image, PDF and paper documents. And the deliverables are in the form of electronic document or printed formats

Other Services

If required we place experts on-site to take care of all the client’s need as and when they need it. We even handle every aspect of the development of the documentation cycle, providing full-service. We are the one-stop shop for all the client’s documentation needs.

Some examples of documents we create are:

9. Web Development Services

Our team at DGS has immense knowledge and experience in creating customized web enabled solutions in the areas of website design, web development and implementation of digital marketing for various company profiles. We also offer website maintenance services and web hosting at affordable prices. We deliver excellent business website services to top organizations and digital marketing companies.

Some web designing solutions provided by us:

Product Development & Design DGS Technical Services
Striving for perfection, we at DGS believe in innovating at every step. Our dedicated team of creative, customer focused and diligent professionals with diversified talents in design & development will ensure customer needs are met and surpassed each time, every time.