DGS Technical Services is a leading Engineering Services Provider since 2004. We cover several areas of Structural, Mechanical and Design Services for a variety of industrial and commercial requirements.
Structural steel detailing involves creating detailed drawings and plans for all manufacturing and construction activities like erection of buildings, shipbuilding etc. It is a critical
Structural Engineering is all about proving the framework for structures and designing those structures to withstand the environment and remain safe stable and secure.
DGS offers a range of outsourced engineering services that are tailored to suit the specific needs of companies operating in diverse industries. Our pragmatic approach to problem
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Total executed tonnage
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Total years of combined experience
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Vision DGS Technical Services
To deliver high-quality engineering solutions within the time schedule every time, by exceeding customer expectations through an organizational culture, that encourages continuous improvement and results in repeat business.
To evolve as a market leader by sustained delivery of world-class engineering services, with an emphasis on high-quality and ethical standards with fortifying world-wide corporate alliances, for progressive growth to leverages value to all stakeholders.


The event was directed towards DGS achievements so far and plans to brighten the future days. The points were briefed by all the authorities of the senior management and the steps and needs to process in New Year 2021.
DGS in collaboration with its sister concern Computhink achieved one of the major problems which had to be resolved during this situation of pandemic.

We @ DGS are thrilled to unveil our refreshed brand identity. The updates show the evolution of our company since its founding in 2004.


DGS is not an association that is only credited by the customers but also awarded for its best services by authorized bodies. We have been recognized for the quality services provided and the customer relations maintained.


DGS is an active associate in the punctual completion of task, standardized quality of work and expert knowledge in the field. We have the prestigious accolades of various authentic certifications.


DGS Technical Services is a leading Engineering Services Provider since 2004. We cover several areas of Structural, Mechanical and Design Services for a variety of industrial and commercial requirements. Steel connection design is vital to any steel structure. Without secure, accurately crafted connections, the structure simply lacks the durability and weight tolerance necessary to stand safe. DGS has the ways and means to provide accurate models of these steel structures and connections.

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Message from the CEO

DGS is committed to providing reliable solutions to its customers, helping them realize the goals. Despite the uncertain and challenging times amidst a pandemic, in pursuit of excellence, we have skilfully embraced the new normal. This has been possible with the team efforts, perseverance and the alignment with DGS vision. DGS Team assures continued comprehensive support and 100% customer satisfaction.
Together we make it happen!
Wish you and your family a healthy and a safe 2021…!!

Amar Nuggehalli


Reverse Engineering Case Study-Snack Vending Machine
Client is the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality cold-drink vending machines. The company vending equipment is used in more than 30 countries around the world. They are the supplier of choice for leading soft drink companies, vending operators, and distributors. Vending equipment features electronic controls, superior space-to-sales capability, multiple pricing of vended products and high flexibility in vending.
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Case Study Engineering Change Orders-Wafer processing equipment
Our client manufactures and supplies plasma etch, deposition, and packaging equipment for semiconductor markets. Our client provide solutions for EMS/NEMS, solid-state lighting, wireless, photomask, nanotechnology, renewable energy, data storage, photonics, and R&D market
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