Mechanical Engineering R & D

Mechanical Engineering R & D

At DGS, we have a team to work concurrently and provide solutions for R & D with product development. That said, we could provide solutions for Benchmarking new product and development. We have offered services in the domains pertaining to the Food Industry, Rail Domain, General Engineering and Industrial Engineering. With cutting edge software integrated into the PDM/PLM we could offer best solutions related to the product R &D.

About R & D projects in brief designed in DGS:

Pipe Flame Cutting Equipment: This equipment is designed to cut the pipes of 6” diameters and larger up to 24” from outside. It is also designed to perform welding applications.

Per the requirement and the functional aspects mechanisms and the concepts were laid out.

These concepts evolved into the product. Product consisting of the below elements:

These being the driving elements for the equipment with other parts like gear assembly housing, motor and control with standard parts.

Calculations were the bases to design the gears of the speed requirement and motor selection and Tolerance stack-up to check the complete fit & gap analysis.

Implement Study Efficacy & Improve, Synthesize Theorize, Explore Hypothesize Clarify, Design Develop & Test. These forms the bases for the R & D development.

Mechanical Engineering Research & Development DGS