IIOT Services

IIOT Services

DGS Technical Services is a leading Engineering Services & Consulting company specialized in offering Electronic design, Manufacturing, CAD/CAM, IT & IIOT 4.0 Services & Solutions along with 20 years of excellence.
Our innovative technology platform exposure helps us in resolving some ground challenges. We are leveraging our experience to reorganize real time transactions that will enable better business conditions. We use different modes for customized interfaces, and provide simple tools to the associated fraternity enhance productivity, Technology upgradation & enrich overall customer & Business experience.


IIOT is also known as Industrial Internet of Things. It brings together advanced machines, analytics and people at work. It is a network of many smart industrial tools connected by communication technologies, which builds a robust system that can collect, monitor, exchange, analyse data and give valuable insights like never before. Organizations can make faster, better and smarter decisions with the help of information.

Why us?

In this digital era, companies have witnessed paradigm shifts in the way ideas and challenges have perceived. In line to that, solutioning to these challenges have drastically changed to keep up with the transition and its growth. DGS is a customer centric firm, which provides you with innovative digital tools, and state of the art infrastructure that you need to stay abreast in the game.

Our Services & Solutions:

IIOT Capabilities and importance

Industrial IOT capabilities require widespread digitization of manufacturing operations. Organizations must include four primary pillars to be considered a fully IIoT-enabled operation:

When machinery performance and function is monitored consistently, manufacturers can create a baseline. This baseline and the corresponding data empowers companies with the information they need to see any issue before it occurs. They can then schedule maintenance prior to downtime, which benefits them in that they: