Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Service

DGS has distinguished itself as one of the leading engineering consulting organization with FEA and CFD experts to help you get to the root of most challenging engineering problems. Our Engineering teams act as an extension of our Customers’ teams – responsible for delivering results on time and every time. We extend the capabilities of your engineering teams through unmatched global delivery excellence.
At DGS, Finite Element Analysis is charged with precise calculations, accurate models and resourceful evaluation modes in the transportation, industrial, foodservice, semiconductor industries. We collaborate with design engineers to evaluate product design right from early design stages and minimize prototyping trials. Our FEA specialists provide key insights on the product behavior and constraints that lead to possible pre-mature failure. Additionally, we deliver design optimization solutions for existing products and help reduce resource utilization while keeping product designs efficient and work on below areas of CAE activities.
Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Service dgs technical services
DGS also offers a complete range of CFD services. Our CFD consultants are skilled with industry-leading tools and are highly experienced in transportation domain to solve all your CFD simulation needs.

Stress / Structural Analysis: Including

Using this computerized method used for predicting how a product reacts in the real-world to forces like vibration, heat, fluid flow etc, the analysis conducted shows whether a product will break, wear out or work the way it was designed to or not. It is used to help predict what is going to happen to the product when it is used on a daily basis.
At DGS we investigate and determine the design intent and evaluate through many calculations resulting in accurate and thorough inferences.
Our expertise and hands on skill helps get FEA results precisely and quickly. We test many design variations and optimize products and systems in the virtual environment. We use a FEA software to optimise the initial design stage and to troubleshoot any problems which arise thereby reducing development cycle times.

We focus on: