Transportation/Rail Industry

Transportation/Rail Industry

We at DGS cater to the Rail industry providing them with a range of transportation engineering services and solutions.
The Transportation industry is constantly faced with the challenge bringing new rails to the market. They need solutions to help manage the lifecycle of trains. They require cost effective, quality solutions to meet with market demands.
DGS is a partner of choice to the rail industry, offering all them all Rail Engineering Services and Solutions.
The DGS team has years of experience in supporting leading locomotive clients in USA, United Kingdom and Europe, providing services like Sustenance Engineering, FEA and Technical Publications.
Transportation/Rail Industry
Program managers are well trained to handle both passenger and locomotive trains in the engineering services program management. They put in close to three lakh engineering hours to deliver to a customer as per schedule ensuring 100% customer satisfaction. The work we do ranges from concept to manufacturing drawings and we also support production in all stages. Our team can integrate and support any engineering stages of the vehicle architecture. Our areas of expertise include:

Engineering Services Offered:

DGS also offers rolling stock solutions for metros, tramways, regional trains, suburban trains, freight trains and locomotives. Our engineering services and solutions for rolling stock include:

Mechanical-Car Body Shell & Fittings

Mechanical-Exteriors & Equipment



Electrical-Wiring and Schematic


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