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DGS Technical Services Helps Equipment Device Makers To Reduce Costs

DGS Technical Services helps Equipment Device makers to reduce costs

The current pandemic is forcing businesses to thoroughly examine their cost structure. While industries those are bearing unavoidable costs are more impacted than others, majority of the organizations are proactively seeking ways to cut costs.
Food Processing Equipment and Storage / Packaging automation is facing big challenges in getting an optimized cost of their process to become available to several nations which are facing severe drought situation and skilled manpower availability. Globalization after reaching its peak especially with mergers and acquisitions in a big way has been reversing, thus overall availability of equipments is not as much developed in emerging markets as in western world; product brand and quality becomes a differentiator to penetrate into emerging world. However, in order to cover large consumer base, Cost is the critical parameter which is mandatory to primarily focus on despite of several other parameters.

Business Need:

Towards an effort to penetrate into emerging markets, a renowned Food processing Equipment manufacturer partnered with DGS Technical Services as a part of their long term strategy. Under this partnership, DGS Technical Services was given an assignment of reducing the cost of packaging and process – an Electromechanical System by 20%. DGS Technical Services was provided with a list of following constraints to ensure compliance while executing the overall project:

No changes in Ergonomics

DGS Technical Services started this project with a Mechanical Engineer and an Electronics Engineer deputed at customer’s site for 3 weeks to gain the overall understanding of Product specifications, Functions, Installation, Assembly, Calibration, Packaging and Shipping processes in addition to collecting all the engineering data. After the training program, the complete knowledge was transferred to offshore team in order to facilitate project kick off.
The project was executed in 4 phases


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One the most significant expertise at DGS Technical Services is System engineering skills. Our system engineering team has capabilities in Electronics and Embedded, Software, Mechanical and Manufacturing engineering with all the different elements of System working synchronised to achieve the customer needs through innovation in their discipline. This team has plenty of experience of CE Device regulations. With DGS Technical Services Design Control Process in place, Quality team assure the product quality, Risk management and Compliance. Partnered electronic test labs at Bangalore help faster design verification and reduce development time to a significant level. At DGS Technical Services, we have collaborated with leading fabrication houses and vendors to offer complete Value Engineering solutions for the global medical device industry.